Heal the World – Michael Jackson

18 05 2009


How can we heal the world?

Start from the Heart, then the Heart will speak: “Love”

Are there no possibilities for this world to be in complete harmony and love, can’t we live by the of love?
It is just the perception of man, and his self dictating him that we cannot live by that law, because he thinks that he is the centre of the Universe and all revolves around “Me”. Think Again.

Global Crisis, War, Disease, Pain, Suffering, Death, Enmity, Disunity, Hatred… Do you think that these are the things that revolves in our own lives, and do you think that there is no antidote for these things?

Look around you, and see from the heart. You are not the only one that is existing in this world, and common sense dictates it. But sometimes we think that we as an individual are the centre of the world, universe, galaxy… But look around you. There are thousands of human beings that are starving second-by-second, dying minute-by-minute. Don’t you seem to care?

Unity is the answer to all of what is happening to us. You may not even realized it by now, but soon you will. Love is the only force that can heal the world. I am not speaking of Romantic Love here, but of Unconditional Love. Try it, and see. Try to Listen with your Heart, try to look with Yor Heart and try to Speak with your Heart. Try to live in the Love of Bestowal, of infinite Love. Try to live life with “US” together, not we “ME, MYSELF”. And tell me the feeling of it. Try to spread this message, and be with me in this universal cause. Try to enlighten ones heart by spreading this message to everyone, with this video of Heal The World.

Let us start now, it may take a lot of time. But it will come soon as long as we act now!

“So powerful is the light of unity that it can illumine the whole earth.” – Baha’i Faith

“If you want to feel connected to your own purpose, know this for certain: Your purpose will only be found in service to others, and in being connected to the something far greater than your ego” – Wayne Dyer, 21st Century Spiritual Teacher

“We are one, after all, you and I. Together we suffer, together exist, and forever will recreate each other”. ~ Pierre Teilhard De Chardin

“Always think of the universe as one living organism, with a single substance and a single soul; and observe how all things are submitted to the single perceptivity of this one whole; all are moved by this single impulse, and all play their part in the causation of every event that happens. Remark the intricacy of the skein, the complexity of the web.” ~ Marcus Aurelius



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