26 01 2011
Shalom Aleichem kol Haverim v’kol Achim!
This Group, Ang Ilaw Kabbalah Study Group, will be now become officially defunct and inactive. Due to some circumstances, this site will now be closed and we are very pleased to announce that The Ang Ilaw Philippine Kabbalah Study Group, formed April 21 2008, will now be replaced by the Chevraia Kadisha Shel B’nei Avraham (Holy Brotherhood of the Sons of Avraham) which, was established unofficially, last December 19 2010.

The Chevraia Kadisha (The Holy Brotherhood) will now replace our former group and kehilot (congregation) Ang Ilaw Kabbalah Study Group, which was established 2 yrs. ago. Due to some unpredicted circumstances, the group disbanded and became inactive.

We will try our best through the help of Holy One, Blessed be He, B”SD to spread and disseminate the Light of the Creator in our country through the translation of articles and related studies from the English language to our Native tongue, Filipino. For the benefit of our brothers who has comprehension difficulties on English  and to those who are underprivileged who can only reach out the Wisdom through the Filipino Language (no insult, derogatory or degradation intended).

To those who would like to participate in our projects, please e-mail us at: chevraia.kadisha@gmail.com
Stay tuned guys, and B’ezrat Adonai (By the Help of G-d), let the dissemination of Light of His Torah be of help in uplifting all the sufferings and burdens that all of humanity is undertaking,
Amein v’Amein!

B”sd v’ B”H!
Orel Yair




Lingguhang Inspirasyon: “Flight 613” ni Rabbi Lazer Brody

20 06 2009


Ang ating pananalig sa Maykapal ay parang sumasakay ka sa eroplano.

With Hashem’s Loving Grace, and Sincere gratitute to Rabbi Lazer Brody

Lingguhang Inspirasyon: Rabbi Lazer Brody explains HaShem’s Love for all of us

19 06 2009

HaShem’s Love for us…


“HaShem loves us all… the only thing is that we do not open our eyes and remain as blind as we were… Open your eyes, and see that Ray of Light entering your heart. There are times that we are in pain, then suddenly we feel something inside us, this soothing, joyful and indescribable bliss that we sometimes feel in our hearts. See with the heart, and you will see the Hand of G-d touching your heart.” – Rabbi Orel Yair

With HaShem’s Loving Grace, and With Sincere gratitutude to Rabbi Lazer Brody.

Pang araw-araw na Inspirasyon: “A Walk with G-d” ni Rabbi Lazer Brody

16 06 2009


“This is not a road that we walk alone. G-d is always with us!” – Shawn Carney

Up tight? Take a 60-minute break to stay healthy, walk and talk with God, with Rabbi Lazer Brody.

With HaShem’s Loving Grace, and With Sincere gratitutude to Rabbi Lazer Brody.

Pang araw-araw na Inspirasyon: Mga Yapak

16 06 2009


Nais ko pong ipamahagi sa inyo ang isang nag bibigay inspirasyon na maikling video, para po ito sa mga nahihinaan na ng lakas, at pananalig o emunah. Andyan lang po ang Maykapal. Ito pong maikling video na ito ay gawa ni Rav Lazer Brody, isang Hasidikong Rabbi. Mula sa isang tula, Footprints in the Sand.

With HaShem’s Loving Grace, and With Sincere gratitutude to Rabbi Lazer Brody.